Growing certified organic vegetable seed has been a wonderful experience for us. Horticulturally it’s been fascinating - a whole new side to the vegetables we’ve been growing and eating our whole lives. We also believe in the vision of a decentralized and diverse seed system that sets the foundation of a resilient food system.

We have certified organic isolation sites available for contract seed production of small and medium seed lots.


You can find some seed we grew for Nature & Nurture Seeds on their site.

If we have seeds for sale directly from Circadian Organics, we will post them below.


cucumber seed

We currently have 8+ lb of Chicago Pickling Cucumber for sale. Fully dried, 94% germination in a home test pre-winnowing, and has been stored at 35-40% humidity, 45-50°F. Please contact us if interested. 

Dylan packing on the seed cucumbers.

Dylan packing on the seed cucumbers.

Skye and 1/4 of our seed cucumber harvest in September 2018.

Skye and 1/4 of our seed cucumber harvest in September 2018.


seed garlic

For 2019 seed garlic sales we expect to have German Extra Hardy, Chesnok Red, Music, a bit of Armenian, and our very own “Driftless Porcelain” (possibly a music line originally, which has been selected by Keegan over 5 years for large cloves and consistent production). Let us know if you’re interested.


We have huge amounts of respect for the seed radicles that have come before us and are constantly teaching us, both in person and vicariously. Big thank you’s and lots of love to all the stewards who continue to preserve genetic diversity of our world’s cultivated and wild crops: you inspire us.

A special thanks goes out to Erica and Mike of Nature and Nurture Seeds, and Clint Freund of Cultivating the Commons, who helped us get started growing seed.

The seed is a household object but at the same time it is a revolutionary symbol.
— Ai Weiwei