The idea to begin a vegetable farm together came out of conversation between four friends on a shared love for working the land and a desire to understand its rhythms more intimately. Dylan’s family farmed as he was growing up, and Keegan’s family had a homestead just up the road. Skye and Matt had more recently discovered their interest in agriculture.  As young farmers, we were particularly aware of the need for agriculturalists from our generation. Each of us brought experience farming organically, along with a keen hope to bring our skills to the next level by selling our produce to local restaurants, groceries, and markets beginning this year. After a busy year organizing our business and planning for the field season, we finally launched our first growing season in the spring of 2018.  

We started with a dedication to growing delicious, organic produce using methods that support our local ecosystem as well as our local community. We still hold true to that mission, but as we find our place in the local organic agriculture scene in Wisconsin, our focus and team has evolved. Matt moved on to focus on baking artisanal bread and other baked goods, leaving Dylan, Skye, and Keegan to hold down the fort. For 2019, we will be growing delicious fresh produce for several restaurants, vegetable seed for several seed companies, and boutique, smoking grade industrial hemp flower for local retail shops. It’s a struggle to find our niche, but we’re committed to finding our place on this land and in this community.

We aim to be a part of a more sustainable and equitable agriculture system, using holistic and integrated pest management and regenerative soil management techniques.  We think it's important to stand up for soil health as well as wildlife and insect biodiversity because we believe these things are closely tied not only to crop health, but also human and general ecosystem health.

We grow food and flower because we love the land and we love our community. We grow it to share with you.


“We need farmers every single day of our lives, beginning to end, no exceptions. We forgot about that for a while, and the price was immense. Slowly, we’re coming back to our senses. Be patient with us. We need you.”

– Barbara Kingsolver, Letters to a Young Farmer