The Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin is well known for its rolling hills and rich, loamy soil. Access to tillable land is a limiting factor for many beginning farmers. We are lucky to be leasing four acres just outside of Viroqua, WI. Two ridge-top acres located on Keegan’s family land and two valley acres located on Dylan’s family land. This allows us the opportunity to utilize both extremes of the beautiful Driftless landscape.

With backgrounds in agroecological research, we take a detailed approach to determining what and how we grow, building off our experience and public trials to meticulously select varieties with the best taste and wide adaptation for our unique growing region. It’s one of our priorities to understand how we fit into the broader social and natural environments of the Driftless Region, both as individuals and as an agroecosystem. Our goal is to utilize cutting-edge sustainable production methods that minimize waste and inputs, avoid plastic whenever possible, promote biodiversity, and enable vibrant natural cycles. We also stay engaged in our communities, working for more sustainable agricultural policies both locally and nationally; we love the whole picture, from long, hot days in the field, to fighting for fair farm and rural policy.

We are constantly experimenting with permanent bed and reduced-tillage systems that should allow us to maximize soil health and minimize our inputs. We strive for a a crop rotation that will disrupt pest and disease cycles and allow for continual improvement of soil tilth, just as the organic standards push us to do. When you step onto our farm, you will enter an agroecological zone designed not only for production, but also for all the other life that is directly impacted by this land - from providing habitat for the critters that live and forage on it, to maintaining living cover that reduces runoff around our field margins, hoping to do our part to protect this great Mississippi watershed that we call home. You can see by our new windbreak and border plantings that we are dedicated to steadily increasing the footprint of edible perennials and the planting of native prairie areas, flowers, and intercropped herbs.

We invite you to come visit and learn with us - check out our fields and growing methods. Help us evaluate our cropping system so we can improve our practices. Or, if you can’t make it out to the farm to say hi, contact us about trying some of our delicious and nutritious produce!  We’re keen to learn, and firm believers that everyone has something to share.

Would you like to buy produce from us  for your home or restaurant? Are you interested in purchasing farm-direct high-CBD hemp flower or tincture? Please drop us a line. Thank you for supporting local, sustainable, small-scale agriculture and four young farmers.