Circadian Organics aims to be a part of creating a more sustainable and equitable food system. We are focused on balancing quality and productivity while building community, biodiversity and robust natural cycles. We maintain a transparent, cooperative, and educational philosophy which galvanizes us to be better farmers and more effective advocates for a fair valuation of the work farmers do to feed us all while stewarding the land. 


Our Circadian Mission

'Circadian' refers to the 24-hour cycle of a living organism, produced and regulated by an innate biological clock. It's why we sleep at night and stay awake while the sun is up. Just like humans, every plant, animal, and microbe has a daily rhythm influenced by environmental cues - and like us, they rely on these patterns for growth and development. Our circadian rhythm is inextricably tied to the cycles of the natural world.

As farmers this connection is further tenured: often the day's work begins at dawn. Precipitation, light, and temperature influence everyday decisions on the job. The cycles of the agroecosystem are constantly considered: time of day, humidity, approaching weather, and the diurnal activities of animals and plants can each have an impact on the day to day decisions that a farmer needs to make. Flexibility and resourcefulness are the earned and learned skills of many farmers. By incorporating holistic and integrated pest management as well as regenerative soil techniques, we hope to support the success and vitality of organisms other than ourselves and our crops.

Our modern civilization seems to be increasingly out of touch with the natural world and its cycles. A legacy of a philosophy of dominion over nature has led us further and further from those cycles, sometimes with effects disastrous to our ecosystems and communities. We’ve lost depressing numbers of species from our landscapes, and rural communities have atrophied under a “go big or get out” mantra pushed by the revolving door of agribusiness and government. Our society has lost touch with an essential truth: our agricultural system forms the foundation of our civilization, and our that system is absolutely dependent on natural cycles, no matter how many inputs or technological silver bullets we may use. Though we are young and have much to learn, we can see a world beyond CAFO’s, plastic, and monoculture. We can see our version of true sustainability, and we believe in it at our core. As farmers, and as humans, we are intimately tied to the earth. We are here to find a place to fit comfortably together in the circadian rhythms of life.

While we are focused on product quality, we balance this with:

  • building soil quality

  • minimizing our use of nonrenewable resources

  • encouraging insect & wildlife biodiversity

  • minimizing water pollution

Soil health as well as biodiversity are integral to our farming philosophy because we believe these aspects are tied closely to the health of our crops, people, and the ecosystem at large. Our mission involves growing using methods that benefit our local ecosystem as well as our local community.  We aim to be a part of a more sustainable and equitable world, and our part is growing things: food, herbs, seed… and the cycle repeats. Spring, summer, fall, winter… and the cycle repeats. Eat, sleep, farm… let the cycle repeat. We love our circadian rhythms.



“If we keep faithful to our land and our people, both together, never apart, then we will always find the right work to do, and our long, necessary, difficult, happy effort will continue.”

- Wendell Berry