Let the growing begin

This past Saturday we seeded our alliums: onions, leeks, and scallions! We are already seeing some unusually warm (50°F!) days here in southwest Wisconsin, but starting our seeds in rented greenhouse space will ensure that we can be growing through the frosty days still to come. 

Keegan, Dylan, and Matt built a heating apparatus to keep our seed trays warm at night. While the greenhouse is heated, we are pulling out all the stops so that we can be sure to maintain optimum temperature for excellent germination rates. 

Getting some seeds sown feels like a huge step in the process of beginning the farm, and it's our first tangible project. We all agreed it feels great to get our hands in some soil. This week we will seed our parsley, and in two more weeks time we will seed our tomatoes and peppers. We are excited to see what sprouts up out of the soil!

Stay tuned, everyone.