Projected Availability List - Now Available!

Madison holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a unique, vibrant city that feels characteristically Midwestern. And the food! Oh good gosh, the food is awesome.

That’s why we’re excited to have Madison as one of our primary markets. We know the discerning chefs and consumers will appreciate the unique varieties we’ve chosen, and the high standards to which we hold ourselves and our produce.

It’s a beautiful city, too. Take a look at the shot Skye took on a recent flight home. It’s an incredible feeling of nostalgia that whelms up as we pass over the patchwork of Wisconsin farms and descend to a view like this. Snow still blankets the land, but we can feel spring on the way. As the ice melts and we turn our attention to the growing season we are trying to wrap up some preparatory computer work.

Perhaps most exciting, we recently finished our projected availability list, and we’re excited to share it with you. Take a gander! Let us know what you’re excited about, what you’re bored by, and what you absolutely need to try this summer.

Peace and Good Food,

The Circadian Organics Team

Anna Skye Harnsberger
A Beautiful New Logo

After many, many sketches, a lot of discussion, and some minor bouts of frustration, we’ve got a beautiful new logo to share with you. The final logo was drawn up by our dear friend and talented Viroqua artist, Natalie Hinahara, and includes aspects from drafts and feedback from all four members of the Circadian Organics Team. If you like it, check out Natalie’s other work at her website.

We really think it speaks to the Circadian Organics mission. The Driftless landscape at the center, with its characteristic hills approaching the mighty Mississippi, is near and dear to our hearts. That rich soil in that beautiful countryside is where we intend to make our living. But we intend our operations to be symbiotic, building off the natural rhythms of life - the moon, the waters, the rolling hills and, the rising sun, which all set our pace and dictate our farm management. All of which is captured beautifully in this logo, we believe.

What do you think? You can find the new logo on our Facebook and Instagram - drop us a comment and leave some feedback. How do the circadian rhythms of the world around you influence your lifestyle? Do you miss your connection to them in this crazy modern world?

Peace and Good Food,

The Circadian Organics Team


Anna Skye Harnsberger
Let the growing begin

This past Saturday we seeded our alliums: onions, leeks, and scallions! We are already seeing some unusually warm (50°F!) days here in southwest Wisconsin, but starting our seeds in rented greenhouse space will ensure that we can be growing through the frosty days still to come. 

Keegan, Dylan, and Matt built a heating apparatus to keep our seed trays warm at night. While the greenhouse is heated, we are pulling out all the stops so that we can be sure to maintain optimum temperature for excellent germination rates. 

Getting some seeds sown feels like a huge step in the process of beginning the farm, and it's our first tangible project. We all agreed it feels great to get our hands in some soil. This week we will seed our parsley, and in two more weeks time we will seed our tomatoes and peppers. We are excited to see what sprouts up out of the soil!

Stay tuned, everyone.


A farm is born!

Today, we signed our Operating Agreement, which means we can officially register as a business. We are excited to reach this milestone but there is a lot of crop planning to do before spring comes!

Thank you for following along as we embark on this journey together.



Anna Skye Harnsberger